Masjid e Umar Home Learning Packs Guidance Notes

We encourage each child to spend 1 hour 30 minutes every day in revising and completing Term 1 and Term 2 Syllabus. Every child will be given a lesson plan according to their year group. Each day the Madrassah syllabus will be broken into 3 lessons.

1.  First Lesson Core – 45 Minutes should be spent on their core subjects such as Qaidah and reciting Quran.

2. Second Lesson Coursebook – 25 minutes to revise and learn new topics from the Nasiha book,

3. Third Lesson Ibaadaat – 20 minutes should be spent revising and learning Kalimas, Duas and Surah.

Learning is a lifelong journey so whilst your children are absent from School and Madrassah encourage them to learn new life skills such as hovering the carpet , cleaning the dishes, ironing clothes, mending things that are broken, cooking and anything else you can think of.


Maulana Sajid

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