Who are Girlington Muslim Welfare Association?

Founded in the early 1980’s, the organisation incorporating Masjid-E-Umar is the ‘Girlington Muslim Welfare Association’ (GMWA), its primary objectives are:

To promote friendly relations within the community and to ensure better understanding and harmony

To Provide and maintain facilities for worship and prayer (Masjid)

To provide and maintain facilities for the teaching of young children/adults in the Koran, General Islamic knowledge and languages (Madrasa)

To provide social/welfare services for the local Muslim community

New Build Proposal

After a community ‘Consultation Process’ which ended 04/02/11 and guidance from Islamic Scholars, the following was proposed:

A new multi storey structure, on the recently acquired land From Bradford Council:

Primary Purpose:

First Floor: Dedicated Masjid

Secondary Purpose – revenue generating:

  • Other Floors (inc. lower ground): Multifunctional halls/rooms:
  • Boys & Girls Madrasa
  • Community facilities (within Sharia): Youth Activities, Education/Information Services, Islamic library, Community Liaison,…

(Internal ‘finer’ details to be confirmed nearer the build start date – keeping within the feedback of Consultation Process and from Islamic Scholars )

Why Is A New Facility Required?

The current building houses two main floors at approx 80sqm each.  The current services provided are:

  • Masjid
  • Madrasa
  • Limited Community Services


  • Building falling into disrepair
  • Rising damp, rotten wooden infrastructure, ….
  • Constant and escalating repair/maintenance costs
  • Cannot cater for the increasing numbers now using Masjid & Madrasa:

1983:  100 people used Masjid and there was no Madrasa

2012: 400+ people use the Masjid at any one time and the

          Madrasa has 550 children with a waiting list of over 100

There are no Car Parking Facilities at present

Our beloved Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Whosoever builds a Masjid for Allah – Allah will build a house for them in Paradise” (Mutafaq Alaih)

What Options Were Considered?

1) Do Nothing

Unrealistic as the current structure cannot meet the demands and needs of the community

2) Build An Extension To Current Building

Not viable as:

Current building beyond economical repair & upgrade

Current building does not adhere to basic Building Regs (weak foundations, single external walls, cavities filled with rubble,etc…

Outside estimates have costed this option at a minimum of £700k

3) Build New Facility

The building will:

Provide modern facilities for Masjid and Madrasa

Be Future proof – for a growing community

Provide additional community facilities, beyond the current Masjid and Madrasa

Provide dedicated Car parking facilities

Consultation Process
  • The need for new accommodation is essential for our local community, if we are to offer the type of facilities and services required for their growing needs.
  • Although the need for new accommodation has been evident for several years, the actual community consultation process started in 2009.  A two year route, it has been thorough and exhaustive and consisted of the following formats:
  • Members of the committee meeting with the community for feedback
  • Regular meetings between the committee and community to talk/share plans and ideas
  • A Consultation Feedback form
  •  A three month process – ending 04/02/11
  • It consisted of an A5 ‘Feedback’ form, where individuals could list their five  ideas or thoughts (in order of importance) – regarding the need for a new facility and resulting services required.
  • In summary, feedback resulting from the various consultations showed that:
  • The vast majority of the community wanted a modern and larger facility for the Masjid and Madrasa
  • Secondly, a large part of the community wanted to see additional facilities and services being offered by the association:
  • Separate gathering/meeting areas for men and women
  • Youth/Children facilities
  • Education/Information Facilities
  • Islamic Library
  • Thirdly, a  small number identified areas such as Elderly Day Care, Crèche facilities, …
  • External bodies/individuals that have been active in supporting, helping and advising the association through the ‘New build’  have been Imran Hussain – Toller Ward: Labour and local school Principals.