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“Dua is the Essence of Worship”

Masjid e Umar Coronavirus Precautionary Steps and Trust in Our Lord

With the threat of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak around the world, here are some

practical and spiritual advice we can all implement in line with government guidelines and

consultation with other Islamic institutes and boards:

1. Stay Calm - A Muslim duty is always to stay calm no matter what the situation is. If

we panic we are going to bring harm to ourselves and others. The Prophet of Allah

(S.A.W.) said “A Muslim is that person from who’s hands and tongues other people

are safe from”

2. Put your trust in Allah - Nothing can harm us if Allah wants to protect us and nothing

will save us if Allah wants to harm us. Allah is our true Protector and we have to put

our Trust in him.

3. Connect with Allah – This is a time to reflect and ponder the purpose of our creation

and also to rebuild the connection with our Lord. Make a habit of supplicating to

Allah for all your needs and asking for protection from any harm.

4. Continuity of Learning – Due to Madrassah closures each child will be provided with

a Home Learning Pack and will be encouraged to spend 1 hour 30 minutes every day

revising and completing Term 1 and Term 2 syllabuses. All Home Learning Packs can

be downloaded from the website.

5. Keeping in Contact – All activities associated with Girlington Muslim Welfare

Association (GMWA) including Masjid e Umar and Madrasa, will be temporarily

suspended. If there are any changes, we will keep you informed via further notices

or alternatively you can keep visiting our website or Facebook page for further


6. Be safe - follow government and expert advice


Girlington Muslim Welfare Association (GMWA)